3/5/19 Secants/segments

This week we learned about secants and special segments. In theorem 10.7 we learned special segments in a circle. In theorem 10.15 we learned that if two chords intersect in a circle the length of chord segments are equal. In theorem 10.16 we learned that if 2 secants intersect in the exterior of a circle […]

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2/21/19 Tangent

A tangent is a line in the same plane as a circle that intersects the circle in exactly 1 point. The point of tangency is the point where a line and circle interest. A common tangent is a line,ray or segment that is tangent to 2 circles. In theorem 10.10 it says in a plane, […]

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2/14/19 Inscribed angles

On number one you have to find angle a. You have to find x before you fins m<a. You have to set m<a and m<d equal to each other. Your equation would be 6y-3=5y+8. Once you set them equal to each other, you have to combine like terms. You would then add 2 to the […]

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2/7/19 Inscribed Angles

This week we learned about inscribed angles. The inscribed angle intercepts a diameter or semicircle iff the angle is a right angle. The two formulas that you can use for inscribed angles are angle=1/2arc and arc=2angle. The degree of the inscribed angle is equal to half the measure of its intercepted arc. If two inscribed […]

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2/1/19 Arcs and chords

This week we learned about arcs and chords. In the same circle two minor arcs can be congruent if their correspondingĀ  chords are congruent. If a diameter of a circle is perpendicular to a chord, then it bisects the chord and its arc. Bisects mean to divide something into two parts. The perpendicular bisector of […]

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1/24/19 study guide

The first problem you will be finding the degrees of each angles of the circle. Angle KL is 23, MN is 90, NO is 25 and OK is 157. For the first question, which is KL=23. For the second question, which is LON=203. You get 203 by adding 23+23+157. For the third question, which is […]

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1/10/19 Winter Break

On my winter break I went to basketball tournaments with the Park Crossing girls basketball team. I enjoyed my time with them because we went to 3 different places. After playing basketball I went and joyed my family for Christmas. We opened gifts as the morning passed by. For Christmas I got mostly clothes and […]

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Major Grade 12/10/18

For number one the formula we would use is Trigonometric Ratios. You would use the tangent formula, which is tan(theta)=opp/adj. For the theta you will use 67 degrees because that’s how far the ladder is from the ground. You will also use 18 as the adj because that’s how far away the ladder is from […]

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