Study Guide 4/18/19

For the first problem, you have to find your angles and measurement. You know that NK is 17 because 34/2= 17. You know that JL is 22 because 11+11=22. Kl is 20.248 because you have to use Pythagorean Theorem which will be 17^2+11^2=410 and 410 squared is 20.248. In a rhombus opposites are congruent to each other so m<JKM=44. For m<JML and m<MLK you have to the two angles together. Since 44+46=90 and 180-90=90 m<MNL=90. For m<KJL the opposite angle is 46 so m<KJL=46.


For the second problem you have to know that all the sides of a square are congruent and a square has 4 right angles. Then you only have to find the diagonal measurements. You have to use Pythagorean theorem and your c^2=33.941 or 34 which will equal the diagonal of WY. To find RX half of 34 is 17. Knowing that a square has 4 right angles and all sides are congruent will help you find ZY, m<XYZ, m<ZWY and m<WRZ.


For the third problem you have to equal the two equations to each other. Then you will take the number that you got for x and plug it into m<FCD. Lastly, you will have you  will answer which is m<FCD=15.2.


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